Multiple Region Miniature Microscope

Visit us at SFN2016, at the booth of INTERVIVO SOLUTIONS INC. That is booth no. 3714.


We offer a miniature microscope that can simultaneously image multiple regions of brain and spine of behaving subjects.

Our device allows following the activity of neurons in multiple regions over weeks or months, as the rodent freely moves around. The probes are very light and allow easy movement and behavior from the animal, and induce minimal possible interference with your experiment.

Our cutting edge data collection and analysis software, not only allows you to see the images as they are being collected, it also allows live Region Of Interest analysis.

We are currently offering our minimum viable product with a highly discounted price to early adopters to produce data for high impact publications and provide feedback to further improve our design.

Using the standard USAF 1951 Test Target to measure resolution of optical devices, Neurescence’s microscope is shown to resolve down to element 6 of group 5, where the line or space width is 8.77micron and there are 570.18 line pairs per cm. This means if two neurons are 8.77micron apart from each other, the microscope can optically distinguish them as two sources of fluorescence.

This resolution is suitable for detecting single cells. 

Our highly flexible fiber optical probes allow imaging of single neurons. Images bellow are from microglia cells that are about 50% to 70% smaller than neurons and are tagged with GFP. Image is taken using our probe on a live brain slice. 

Resolving microglia cells

Neurons that are tagged with GFP in live slice are resolved using the flexible probes of Neurescence as shown bellow.

Resolving Single Neurons
Resolving Single Neurons

In this movie you will find that a mouse with four implanted lenses shows no sign of motor movement or behavioral deficiency:

In the following movie a mouse with two implantations moves freely in the maze. Multiple regions of interest are imaged and analyzed using Neurescence’s data collection and analysis software.