Neurescence’s microscope offers significant advantage over other existing devices.

We are currently offering our minimum viable product with a highly discounted price to early adopters to produce data for high impact publications and provide feedback to further improve our design.

The most important advantage of Neurescence’s microscope is the ability to image neurons in multiple regions of the brain and spine of freely behaving subjects. Our flexible probes and design allow implantation in hard to access parts of the brain, such as the Olfactory bulb.

Our probes are very light and do not interfere with a mouse’s movement.

The probes easily connect to the implanted lens, this allows the attachment of the device to an awake animal and significantly reduces the stress on the rodent.

We have done a one on one comparison with a device on the market that can image only one region of the brain. For this test, rodents are implanted in two regions of their brains and the activities in these regions are imaged by our device. These rodents were put in a maze for a learning and memory experiment. A number of rodents are implanted with the other device available on the market in only one region of the brain and the same learning and memory experiment in the same maze is performed.

The data bellow shows the rodents imaged by the competition’s device take an order of magnitude longer to reach the target and their movement is more than 10 times slower than those implanted and imaged by Neurescence’s device.  Because of Neurescence’s design and its very light weight, the rodents learn where the target is just like a rodent that is not carrying any imaging device on its head. 

Here are the results: