What Makes Neurescence Different?

Our team and our technology!

Our team is passionate about understanding neuronal micro-circuitries in the central nervous system. We can’t wait to see what novel scientific knowledge you discover and teach us using our technology.  We care about your research and the success of your research.

Our technology is unique. We are the leading company in the world that offers the capability of simultaneous multiple region imaging and our patents cover this aspect of the technology.

Our product is designed taking the practical use of the technology into account. We observed how scientists at our partner labs used the device and improved our design to match the toughest requirements of your experiments.

Why Quartet?

  • Simultaneous imaging of multiple regions of both the brain the and spinal cord in freely behaving animals
  • Implantation in more than one animal allows simultaneous imaging of brains of multiple animals for social studies
  • Image neurons during behavioural experiments that require animal swimming
  • Capability of implantation at any angle allows imaging hard to reach brain areas, such as the olfactory bulb
  • Light and flexible probes allow performance of delicate memory and behaviour experiments with very minimal stress to the animal
  • Specially designed light connectors allow probe-lens connection with minimal stress to the animal
  • Connector design allows for simple focus adjustment that is maintained over weeks, for the duration of the experiment
  • Design allows simultaneous imaging with EEG and fMRI
  • Long electric cables allow easy lab space management
  • Light and small microscope body allows placement of the microscope body anywhere, even hanging in mid-air (e.g. above the maze)