What is Quartet?

Quartet is a miniature fluorescence microscope and data collection software package for neuronal calcium imaging.

QUARTET product -Final
Quartet Software

Use Quartet to longitudinally monitor the activities of populations of neurons, simultaneously, in FOUR regions of brain and spinal cord of behaving rodents.

Thin, cylindrical, graded-refractive-index lenses (GRIN) get implanted along with our specially designed fiber-lens connector in ANY region of the brain and spinal cord. The image below is a representative of such a connector between the GRIN lens at the bottom and fiber optics on the top. An imaging fiber bundle connects to the implanted GRIN lens and transmits the fluorescence signal from neurons to the CMOS sensor.

fiber-lens connector

Quartet uses FOUR optical imaging fiber bundles. Each bundle includes 18000 single fibers, each of which are 7.5micron in diameter.

Data Collection Software

  • Live display of images on the screen
  • 20 frames per second data collection, with the possibility of going up to 120 fps in burst mode
  • Live manual adjustment of brightness and contrast
  • Manual selection of region of interest – such as neurons – and extraction of neuronal activity
  • Control of illumination level

Software allows users to obtain and save images from the microscope.  Each frame is time-stamped with the time automatically recorded in the file name.

Manual selection of neurons allows extraction of neuronal activity for each chosen neuron.

Save trace generates a .png file displaying neuron locations

The traces are then saved in a cvs file for analysis

Minimum Computer Requirements

  • GigEthernet connection
  • Intel i5 processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB hard drive